Media Buying

Click Pink Media prides itself on providing exclusive and extensive media contacts at your disposal that our competition can’t and won’t get access to. With our trusted ability to track traffic your ROI on all media buys will be fully maximized. Our beneficial, invaluable and fresh traffic streams means you will make $$$ from avenues previously foreign to you. Before any media is bought for you we will sit down together and hatch a comprehensive plan that fits your comfort level while maintaining the aggressiveness to penetrate the online marketplace.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are important to increasing product exposure and driving sales to your website. However, figuring out the correct payment to offer affiliates and how to recruit new ones can be a chore, especially with substantial competition as an obstacle. Click Pink Media has been both an affiliate and affiliate manager working for large affiliate programs for over 7 years. This experience qualifies us to craft an affiliate program designed to attract a steady flow of affiliates while also yielding the most ROI possible.

Search Engine Management/Search Engine Optimization

Most of our competition asserts that only one strategy is necessary for search engine marketing. Click Pink Media deviates from this and uses a two-pronged approach instead.

Search Engine Management refers to paid advertising on a search engine. While most companies will only target the big engines, we buy traffic from over 100 engines which is a rock solid way of capturing huge chunks of traffic. This way you aren’t pigeonholed and instead use a diverse stream of traffic to meet and even exceed your financial goals.

Search Engine Optimization is the art of having your website appear high in the organic search results for a certain set of keywords. SEO is an industry all to itself. Click Pink Media has forged vital relationships with the largest SEO companies worldwide to help you establish and solidify your brand’s exposure.